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Inntech Management Selects Aavgo’s Virtual Front Desk

Aavgo and Inntech Partnership Will Offer Guests an Innovative Digital Experience

San Mateo, CA. | 1-10-23: Inntech Management, a leader in hotel management, has selected Aavgo to implement its Aavgo360 Platform and Virtual Front Desk that ensures a superior digital experience for all hotel guests. Aavgo’s 360 Platform and Virtual Front Desk provides hotels with an end-to-end solution that streamlines operational efficiency and enhances the guest experience.
Aavgo’s platform provides Inntech Management a contactless check-in and check-out process, a virtual agent that can check-in guests via a front desk kiosk, answer calls, and inform guests about on-site amenities and relevant information. Communicate with guests to better understand their individual needs, take reservations over the phone, and run night-audit. Also included is a hotel guests app, hotel staff app, and operations optimization software. The platform gives hotel guests access to the hotel digital guest directory, including mobile check-in, mobile key, automated email & text message, plus a whole lot more.

Country Inn & Suites

Inntech Management has deployed the Aavgo360 Platform and Virtual Front Desk at various facilities. Inntech Management has a portfolio of 6 properties including locations throughout Arizona. The Aavgo360 Platform and Virtual Front Desk implementations includes:

• Southwest Inn
• Arroyo Pinion
• Greentree Inn
• Country Inn & Suites (not installed yet)
• Dreamcatcher Inn (not installed yet)

Inntech Management is innovative hospitality business that focuses on people, processes and products. Since its inception in 2002, Inntech Management grown to include properties throughout the American Southwest and creates great experiences for our staff and customers. “Technology allows the “little guy” to do what the “big brand guy” has always been doing. The future of hospitality is in the more intentionally curated properties opened by the smaller business owners and not the big corporations,” said Neil Shah, President of Inntech Management.

About Aavgo:  Aavgo is a cloud-based SaaS technology company that offers solutions that directly impact a hotel’s overall efficiency of operations, customer experience, and profitability. The virtual front desk solution is designed to deliver a unique check-in experience with a compact and easy-to-use human-assisted kiosk. The exclusive Virtual Front Desk and Smart Platform products are the only comprehensive contactless technologies from check-in to checkout that execute all human operations, saving hotels on costs and significantly improving customer service.  Features include contactless check-in, walk-ins, human-assisted virtual front desk, credit cards, cash payments, cash deposits, incoming reservations, a digital app for guests, guest questions, digital housekeeping, digital maintenance, night audit, lost keys, daily reporting, panic button, and contactless checkout. The company’s innovative, personalized approach to technology has earned Aavgo a reputation for providing hotel optimization solutions that meet evolving customer needs. Aavgo is headquartered in San Mateo, California, and supports clients throughout the United States and Canada.

Aavgo’s Virtual Front Desk: Brings technology & automation to hospitality
Aavgo is a cloud-based SaaS technology company that offers solutions that directly impact hotels’ overall efficiency of operations, customer experience, and profitability. For more information about Aavgo’s Virtual Front Desk, please contact our experts by phone: 1-888-932-2486 or via email:

(Editor’s Note: Written by David Ramirez, the Marketing Manager for Aavgo.)

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