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Are you a part of hotel management? or a Guest?

We are here for you, organise your guests or ask for anything to the hotel management, everything is now just few taps away! Sit back and relax our product will do everything for you.

About AavGo

AavGo provides Guest Engagement and Communication Platform(GECP) for hospitality industry. AavGo’s goal is bring top notch technology to hospitality industry at a very affordable price.

Increase Revenues

AavGo offers an 80% reduction in calls to the front desk. Even more exciting, AavGo can send push notifications directly to your guests informing them when your restaurants have opened or when Happy Hour begins.

Thrill Your Guests

Our in-room voice enabled tablets enables guests to instantly find out what room service offers, what’s available to watch on TV, schedule a wake-up call or even checkout. They can report maintenance or housekeeping issues in seconds. Make your guests feel at home by putting them in charge of their experience.

Efficiency and Visibility

Not only will housekeeping and maintenance receive assignments instantly, you’ll be notified as soon as their work is accomplished. Communicate directly with your staff at any moment, in any language. Be updated on the tasks and status of your hotel at all times from anywhere.

Better Reviews

Happy hotel guests means better reviews. AavGo provides with a unique platform to get reviews directly from tablets, text or email. In 3 months you will see your occupancy climbing due to better reviews and rankings.

Improving Hotel Experience

AavGo aims to improve both guest-facing and back-of-house operations within hotels, promoting both guest satisfaction and employee communication. The result is an improved hotel experience: from the front desk, to each individual room, to every amenity the hotel offers and beyond.

For Guests

We provide in-room tablets as well as the app to your device through which as a guest you can access everything you need during your stay at the hotel.

For Hotels

AavGo provides a perfect way to communicate between the hotel staff and the authorities can have full control over the way their hotel operates throughout the guest engagement process.

Guest To Staff Communication

The integrated messaging platform helps staff to manage guest communications.

In-Room Tablet

Give your guests access to your full range of interactive services directly from our in-room tablets.

TripAdvisor Integration

TripAdvisor Integration- Encourage guests to leave TripAdvisor reviews with just few clicks.

Express Check-Out

Free up the front desk to focus on more value-added tasks.

Wake-Up Call

Guests can set wake-up calls in real time without making a call to front desk.


Provide guests with instant access to hotel information and services without making them wait you to receive their call or bothering the staff.

Why us

A great guest experience starts and ends with convenience. We put essential information at the fingertips of guests to make sure that they have what they need all the times.

  • We provide fast, easy and convenient services to both Guests and Hotel Management.
  • Housekeeping, Maintenance, Room Service, Employee communications are all available as stand alone package.
  • As being a part of Hotel Management, you stay awake 24/7, so do we. We provide 24/7 support available via chat, phone or email.
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