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Improve Operations, and compete with larger hotels

How Hotel Technology Can Help Small Hotel Businesses

By Ratan Hodar | 11-17-22: Small hotel businesses have a lot to gain from investing in hotel technology. Hotel technology can help small hotels improve their operations, better serve their guests, and compete with larger hotels. Here at Aavgo we are a technology company specializing in creating innovative solutions for the hospitality industry. Today we are going to discuss the many ways technology can help small hotels improve their business.

Improving communication between staff members

Hotel technology can help small hotels improve communication between staff members by providing a platform for them to stay connected and share information. This can help reduce miscommunications and improve overall efficiency.

Helping small hotels save time and money

Hotel technology can also help small hotels save time and money. By automating tasks such as reservations and check-in/check-out, small hotels can free up staff time to focus on other tasks. In addition, hotel technology can help small hotels reduce their costs by assisting them in managing their inventories more efficiently. Our client Best Western has found it tremendously helpful to have a virtual agent as part of the check-in/check-out process. “We did research, and Aavgo was the only company that offered a live agent at the kiosk, and for us, that was huge,” Rita Santillanes, co-owner of Peppertree Hospitality Group, said. Peppertree Hospitality has 3 Best Western Hotels & Resorts Plus and 1 Premier.

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Improving the guest experience

Finally, hotel technology can also help small hotels improve the guest experience. By providing guests with a mobile app or online portal, small hotels can give guests a convenient way to access information about their stay and make requests. Additionally, hotel technology can help small hotels provide a more personalized experience for guests by tracking their preferences and tailoring services to their needs. This makes their stay more convenient and comfortable and saves the hotel money! With the aavgo digital app, guests can use the digital app to check in, chat with the front desk, order room service, view the menu, request extra towels, book a shuttle, check out, and much more without needing to pick up the phone.

What makes Aavgo different?

Our flagship product is a cloud-based platform that helps hotels manage their operations more efficiently. But that’s not all it does. The platform also provides guests a better experience by giving them access to information and services they wouldn’t otherwise have. One of the essential features of the aavgo platform is its ability to connect to various third-party applications. This allows hotels to offer their guests a range of services, such as booking restaurants or ordering room service. It also gives them the ability to track their guest’s preferences and provide them with personalized recommendations. Since its inception, aavgo has been on a mission to make the hospitality experience more seamless and efficient for guests and hotel staff.

Our platform provides guests with the following:

• An option for contactless interactions.
• Guests can retrieve their room key quickly via QR Code.
• Ask any questions about the Hotel and its surroundings.
• Reduce time at the check-in line.
• Staff is always available for the guest.

Overall, hotel technology can be a valuable asset for small hotels. By investing in hotel technology, small hotels can improve their operations, better serve their guests, and compete with larger hotels.

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