Hotel Smart Reception, Virtual Front Desk, Virtual Receptionist

Commonly Asked Questions About Aavgo’s Smart Reception

San Mateo, CA. | 4-25-23:​ Due to the continuously growing challenge of labor shortages in the hotel industry, labor costs have become particularly susceptible. In order to compete on a global level, hotels must enhance their management and utilization of staff to minimize labor costs without compromising customer service or employee satisfaction. 

At Aavgo, our focus is on digitizing all hotel processes to positively impact the bottom line of hotels. With a team that has extensive experience in both the hotel industry and technology, we strive to deliver exceptional results for our clients. 

Here’s what our Smart Reception solution is designed to do for you: 

• The Smart Reception solution we offer is specifically designed to provide a distinct check-in experience. Utilizing a user-friendly and compact human-assisted kiosk. 
• Our 360 Platform and Smart Reception products are the sole all-encompassing contactless technologies that automate all human operations from checkin-in to check-out. By doing so, hotels can reduce costs and significantly enhance customer service.  
• Our product offers a range of features, such as Smart Reception with human assistance, contactless check-in, walk-ins, processing of credit cards, cash payments and deposits, incoming reservations, a digital app for guests, handling of guest inquiries, digital housekeeping and maintenance, night audit, lost key management, daily reporting, a panic button, and contactless checkout. 

Hotel Smart Reception, Virtual Front Desk, Virtual Receptionist

Answers to the Commonly Asked Questions About Virtual Front Desk

What is Smart Reception? 

Smart Receptions is a type of technology that enables guests to check in and check out of their hotel rooms without needing a physical receptionist. Essentially, it is a contactless way for hoteliers and guests to manage their hotel stays using the Aavgo 360 Platform.

What does a Smart Receptionist do? 

This system typically includes a kiosk that provides a user-friendly interface for guests to input their details and preferences. A human assistant is available remotely to provide any necessary support. By eliminating the need for a traditional receptionist, hotel smart receptionists offer benefits such as reduced labor costs, improved efficiency, and increased guest convenience. 

How much does a Smart Reception cost? 

Are you looking to upgrade your hotel’s guest experience with a virtual front desk but unsure about the cost? Well, the truth is that the cost varies based on each hotel’s unique needs and goals. But don’t worry; our team is here to help you get the best possible price! By scheduling a demo and requesting a quote, we can provide a tailored solution that fits your budget and ensures your guests receive the high-quality service they deserve. Say goodbye to long check-in lines and hello to a seamless and efficient guest experience with our Smart Reception. Contact us today to learn more!

What problems does a Smart Reception solve? 

• The Smart Reception can revolutionize the hospitality industry, providing various benefits and solutions to make customer experiences smoother than ever. Streamlined check-in and automated check-out processes help reduce wait times while saving money on receptionist costs.  Ultimately, these innovative services create a win for guests, hotels…everyone involved really.

• With Smart Reception, hotels can offer excellent 24/7 customer service to make every guest feel welcome. Beyond helping guests with inquiries, these digital tools provide various services such as streamlining reservation and payment processing, sorting key issues quickly, and efficiently monitoring maintenance needs, ensuring an overall positive experience for the hotel staff and their visitors.

Aavgo’s Smart Reception: Brings technology & automation to hospitality
Aavgo is a cloud-based SaaS technology company that offers solutions that directly impact hotels’ overall efficiency of operations, customer experience, and profitability. For more information about Aavgo’s Smart Reception, don’t hesitate to contact our experts at 1-888-932-2486 or via email:

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