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Aavgo and Jonas Chorum Partner to Integrate Contactless Front Desk Solutions

San Mateo, CA, May 2023: Aavgo has teamed up with Jonas Chorum, a leading provider of all-in-one property management solutions, to enhance the guest experience with Aavgo’s Smart Reception. Aavgo’s Smart Reception is a lobby kiosk that provides full front desk service. Guests can check-in, receive their key, and even speak with a remote agent on the digital screen at any point during their stay.

Integrating Aavgo’s Smart Reception desk into Chorum PMS allows hotels to provide a streamlined, contactless front desk. With most hotels facing labor shortages, this integration allows Chorum PMS to keep its customers a step ahead. Daily, no matter what is happening with staffing, this partnership provides a digital alternative that enhances the guest experience.

“Automation is the wave of the future, and Aavgo + Jonas Chorum are committed to keeping us ahead with the latest innovation,” says Chase Santillanes VP of Development at Peppertree Hospitality. “We wanted a kiosk that integrates with our PMS and does more than just check people in remotely. This provides one-on-one customer service with a live agent, which allows us to continue to deliver the level of service we rely on Chorum PMS to help us with.”

“We have chosen to partner with Aavgo because they understand the value of streamlining operations without sacrificing guest engagement,” explains Jake Lewis, President at Jonas Chorum. “At the end of the day, delivering better technology that provides amazing guest experience from reservation to departure is essential to everything we do at Jonas Chorum.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Jonas Chorum and offer our customers the innovative Aavgo 360 platform technology. As the hospitality industry continues to evolve, it’s crucial that we provide solutions that not only streamline operations but also enhance the guest experience. The integration of Aavgo’s technology with Jonas Chorum’s PMS allows us to do just that,” explains Mrunal Desai, CEO at Aavgo. “The Smart Reception provides a contactless, yet personal touch to the check-in process, allowing guests to seamlessly and safely navigate their stay. We are confident that this partnership will allow us to stay at the forefront of hotel technology and continue to provide unparalleled service to our customers.”

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About Jonas Chorum: Jonas Chorum is a suite of streamlined, intuitive and flexible property management software solutions, designed to provide hotels with everything they need to operate more efficiently and cost effectively, all while delivering a personalized guest experience. Product offerings include Chorum PMS, Chorum CRS, Chorum Mobile, and Chorum Sync. The cloud-based platform features a lineup of high-tech applications and user-friendly features, making it a superior software solution for independent hotels, chain hotels and hotel management companies. For more visit: jonaschorum.com

About Aavgo: Aavgo is taking the hospitality industry by storm with its cutting-edge cloud-based SaaS technology solutions that transform hotels’ operations. The exclusive 360 Platform and Smart Reception products offer an all-in-one contactless solution tailored to enhance the overall customer experience while maximizing hotel profitability. With features such as contactless check-in, digital housekeeping, and lost keys, guests can enjoy a seamless and personalized experience, while hotels can reduce operational costs. Aavgo’s customer-centric approach and reputation for personalized technology make it the industry leader, serving clients across the United States and Canada from its headquarters in San Mateo, California. Ready to transform your hotel operations? Choose Aavgo today!

Aavgo’s Smart Reception: Brings technology & automation to hospitality
Aavgo is a cloud-based SaaS technology company that offers solutions that directly impact hotels’ overall efficiency of operations, customer experience, and profitability. For more information about Aavgo’s Smart Reception, please contact our experts by phone: 1-888-932-2486 or via email: info@aavgo.com.

(Note: David Ramirez is the Marketing Manager for Aavgo.)

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