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Aavgo and Best Western Plus Austin Central Unleash a Next-Level Hospitality Experience

San Mateo, CA, May 2023: Aavgo, the renowned hotel technology leader, announced the expansion of its dynamic partnership with Best Western Plus Austin Central, managed by WNW Hospitality Management, a premier hotel management company. This collaboration empowers Best Western Plus Austin Central to deliver a seamless, personalized, and contactless experience for guests, leveraging the power of Aavgo’s 360 Platform and Smart Reception products. By embracing this cutting-edge technology, the hotel achieves not only heightened guest satisfaction but also significant cost reductions and increased profitability.

By streamlining operations and ensuring secure transactions, Aavgo’s innovative solutions empower hotel staff to focus on creating unforgettable guest experiences while reducing operational costs by up to 35%. This remarkable cost savings has led to some hotels reporting over $150,000 in savings.

John Kueker, General Manager at Best Western Plus Austin Central, expressed, “Partnering with Aavgo is a significant milestone for WNW Hospitality Management in the hospitality industry. We’ve been able to enhance the guest experience, track operations, and achieve substantial productivity gains and cost savings.” Aavgo’s 360 Platform and Smart Reception products offer hotels a comprehensive and contactless solution that elevates the overall customer experience while reducing operational costs.

Ratan Hodar, Chief Technology Officer at Aavgo, shared his enthusiasm, stating, “At Aavgo, we’re thrilled to continue our groundbreaking partnership with Best Western Plus Austin Central. Our collaboration empowers the hotel to deliver exceptional service while optimizing operational costs. With the integration of our 360 Platform and Smart Reception products, we’re confident that hotels can streamline their operations, allowing their staff to create unforgettable guest experiences.”

Together, Aavgo and Best Western Plus Austin Central are revolutionizing the hotel industry with cutting-edge technology, enabling hotels to provide a personalized and seamless experience for guests while maximizing profitability. This transformative partnership sets new standards for hospitality and sets the stage for the future of guest-centric innovation.

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About WNW Hospitality Management: WNW Hospitality Management is a premier hotel management company with a strong portfolio of managed properties providing services for hotel owners and developers. The caliber of hotel properties has been recognized both for architectural excellence and by the hospitality industry for the accommodations and service provided. WNW Hospitality has been awarded the MK Guertin Award, Best of the Best Award, Best Western Chairman’s Award, Best Western Green Award, Public Relations Award, Design of Excellence, and Directors Award. “I was very skeptical at first and made the trip unannounced to a hotel in North Carolina that was already using the Kiosk. I was extremely impressed, and after my personal experience, I started the process of implementing the Aavgo Kiosk at all our hotels. We are in the hospitality business, and even though this is outside the box, we do not lose the hospitality aspect at all. We benefit from well-trained staff and no less than 30% savings on payroll,” said Jonathan Reiss, CEO at WNW Hospitality. Please visit

About Aavgo: Aavgo is taking the hospitality industry by storm with its cutting-edge cloud-based SaaS technology solutions that transform hotels’ operations. The exclusive 360 Platform and Smart Reception products offer an all-in-one contactless solution tailored to enhance the overall customer experience while maximizing hotel profitability. With features such as contactless check-in, digital housekeeping, and lost keys, guests can enjoy a seamless and personalized experience, while hotels can reduce operational costs. Aavgo’s customer-centric approach and reputation for personalized technology make it the industry leader, serving clients across the United States and Canada from its headquarters in San Mateo, California. Ready to transform your hotel operations? Choose Aavgo today!

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