Manage your hotel from home
Digital Workflow for Employees

Save costs, increase efficiency and productivity of your employees. Get insights to your day to day hotel operations through in-depth reporting and analytics..

Key features
    • Seamless Integration with Hotel PMS
    • Seamless integration eliminates duplicate tasks between PMS and AavGo, which means your staff does not need to work on two applications.
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    • Digital Housekeeping
    • Your housekeeper can use their own device to work on their room assignments, report maintenance issues, register lost and found items, and chat with other staff.
    • Digital Maintenance
    • Your maintenance engineers can use their own device to work on their day to day maintenance tasks , open cleaning tasks for housekeepers after fixing room, register lost and found items, and chat with other staff members.
    • Digital Preventative Maintenance
    • Schedule and manage your recurring tasks digitally. View reports of the historical completed preventative maintenance. Eliminate delays and misplaced paper reports.
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    • Lost and Found
    • All staff can now report found items via their own phone. Front Desk can match them when a guest calls, and take appropriate actions like delivery, or pickup.
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    • Contact Directory
    • Manage all your vendor and employee contacts on one platform.
    • Eliminate Language Barrier Between Your Staff
    • Staff can now communicate without any language barriers. Two-way real time language translation is now possible on AavGo.
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    • Task Management
    • Define all tasks to be done in each shift. This ensures that all staff is aware of their duties, and nothing gets missed.
    • Shift Turnover notes
    • Eliminate pen and paper exchange between staffs and save costs by managing notes digitally.


  • Manage from home
  • Remove language barrier
  • Eliminate paper
  • Stay in touch with your staff​​​​​​
  • Eliminate loud walkie-talkie
  • In-dept analytics about the property and staff
  • Keep your staff safe
  • Get real time updates on room cleaning status
  • Eliminate negative guest ratings with real time maintenance reporting