Provide social distancing for your hotel
Contactless Check-In Solution

Support social distancing with Contactless Check-in and enable guests to check-in without needing to interact with staff

Key features
  • Ghc keyfeatures 1
    • Real-Time Integration with a Variety of Hotel PMS Systems
    • Opera, Skytouch, ASI, Roomkey, Infor, StayNTouch, Duvoice, SynXis, Comptrol, Choice Advantage and many more..
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    • Automated Email and Text Message
    • Hassle free automated email and text is sent to guest for remote check-in.
    • Remote Check-In
    • Empower your guests to check-in and check-out without downloading any app. Guest can requests services like extra bath towels before their arrival and much more.
    • Contactless On Site Check-In
    • Provide your guests the experience of contactless check-in at the property without going to the front desk using NFC and QR Code.
    • Identity Management
    • Save staff time with AavGo's digital identity management that verifies ID and photo of the guests.
    • Credit Card Verification
    • Feel safe with digital verification of credit card submitted by the guest.
  • Ghc key features 3
    • eRegistration Cards and Signature Capture
    • Digitally manage registration process, verify guest identity before guest arrives at the property for faster check-in.
    • Automatic Key Dispenser via NFC, or QR code (Add on)
    • Guests can pick their keys without going to the front desk. Hotels can make use of this feature using existing infrastructure.
  • Ghc keyfeatures 1
    • Kiosk Check-In (Add on)
    • You can add AavGo kiosk which will allow guests to check in and dispense room key at the hotel itself. No need to go to front desk.


  • Eliminate Contact
  • Covid-19​ Prepared
  • Digital Hotel Registration Card​​​​​​
  • Reduce Charge Backs​​​​​​
  • Reduce Front Desk Traffic
  • Enhance Guest Experience