Why your Hotel needs Hotel Management Software?

For all of the hotel owners, one of the most important things remains the generation of revenues. For maximizing the results of the business, it is also crucial that there is a balance between the time management, price, guests that come through the right distribution channels. For attaining these specific purposes, the use of hotel management software is beneficial.

Here we provide you all of the details that you need regarding the hotel management software its importance in the hospitality industry.

What is Hotel Management Software?

Mainly, Hotel Management Software provides a solution to the hospitality industries for assisting in carrying out the daily operations and management of the resort or the hotel. A lot of these solutions can work individually, but there is also an option for connecting all of the functions. There are also certain software providers that offer an all in one solution as well.

Why Hotel Management Software?

Guest satisfaction is the primary concern for any hotel regardless of the size. For meeting the demand of the ever increasing number of guests, there is a requirement for the hotel that the management system can be developed in such a way that the guest has the best experience of their life. All of this can be managed more efficiently through good hotel management software.

Some important Features of the Hotel Management Software:

Here are all of the details that will give you a better indication of the important features that a hotel management software provides both the guest and the hotel team as well. All of these features work together for providing the best experience to the client and will eventually help make better profits and enhanced loyalty of the client to the hotel.

Here are some of the important features that provided through hotel management software:

Easy Communication (Staff to Staff & Staff to Guest ):

The hotel management software’s like AavGo has an integrated platform for improving the communication between the guest and the staff. There are also functions that remove any language barriers, and the translation takes place in real time that enhances the guest experience. Even as the requirements are directly sent to the department concerned, any confusions and miscommunications are avoided.

Easy to manage Front Desk:

There is another feature that provides the live status of the hotel rooms. by using front desk app staff has all of the information regarding the bookings and they are also updating all of the records with ease. Also, room allocation becomes automatic and people are able to make bookings online in the comfort of their home.

 Better Room Service:

This software is efficient in a manner that all of the room services become digitalized. Your users are able to have smart entertainment options in their rooms. They are able to customize everything in the room with the tablet provided. There is also an option where they are also able to place food orders directly from the e-menu at their room.

 Instant Housekeeping & Maintenance:

With AavGo not only do the front desk tasks become simpler but also the housekeeping and maintenance can be improved. There is a feature that allows room tracking that requires cleaning. These rooms can also be prepared well in advance before the arrival of the guests. Guests that have already occupied the room, can directly get in touch with the housekeeping department and ask for any help that they need.

When it comes to hotel maintenance task, there are also some important features with which scheduling of the repairs in the future and also the checkups become easier. For ensuring that all of the facilities like plumbing, electricity is smoothly running and in case of any need by the guest quick solutions can be provided as well.

Increase Revenue of Hotel:

Many factors are involved in increasing the overall revenue of the hotel. One of them includes lowering down of the time spent for the administrative task. With the help of useful software, a lot of the work becomes automatic, and this allows saving extra efforts and energy for a job.

This allows the team to focus on other work. You will also have additional information on the performance of the employees and efficient work allocation. Therefore several tasks can be completed in the required time, and this makes higher profits. Also, there can be cost cuttings made as the staff required is lower than before because a lot of the work also gets automated that was being helped manually.

Reporting & Analytics:

With hotel management software any event or party can be organized easily and all of the taxation and the deposits being made are saved with proper invoice generation. Also, all of the accounts are kept updated with even an option to track inventories and recording of all the items and transactions that are being carried in the hotel. This makes everything so much easier and the reports that are created give an idea regarding the improvements that can be made.

Choose the Right Hotel Management Software: AavGo

It is crucial that the right hotel management software should be able to fulfill all of the tasks that are mentioned above. AavGo can be the right hotel management software that can help immensely in enhancing the guest’s experience and also increase revenue generation. All of the best features are integrated and it provides the hospitality industry an all in one solution. Another great feature that it is a technology that is affordable and is easy to understand and install. All of the routine activities can become streamlined and more focus can be given on the bigger picture. The staff will be able to use it easily and as it is one of the leading cloud-based platforms, it is perfect for a hotel of all sizes.



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