Technology Trends that Revolutionize Hospitality Industry in 2019

5 Technology Trends that Revolutionize Hospitality Industry in 2019

The Hospitality has its primary roots connected to the traditional way of working, but as times are changing, there is also a constant break thorough being observed in technological innovations. According to the ever increasing demands of the consumer, the pace has to be kept up.

As with time the new technology is emerging, as it provides a positive impact on the guest and in turn enhances the revenue generated by the industry. For providing with all of the latest information and the trends that can change the hospitality industry this year, we have researched for everything that is new, fundamentally changing and trends.

So here, we have for you a sneak peek on the trends that are shortly of the hospitality industry that bring a revolution in 2019.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

The guest can now observe any hotel property while they sit in their living rooms through Virtual Reality. The primary objective to provide the guest with an enhanced experience which will be the second best thing actually to visit the place. This process hasn’t been done widely yet, but there are major companies from the Hospitality Industry that are offering this experience to the guests.

This also provides peace of mind to people that are looking out for a stay in a hotel that they plan to stay in a while there travel. The hospitality is growing continuously and is a business of billions, VR without a doubt can help in convincing people to travel far across and stay at your hotel as they will have an almost real feel of everything they will be experiencing.

Then there is augmented reality or AR that also has a promising future for most of the hotels; the hospitality industry will observe a higher adoption this year.

Signage that is AR powered will be able to equip the venue managers and the hotel and even restaurants with the capacity to route clients to particular locations, and this also includes the check-in points and pickups with complete ease.

For making the hotel, a little bit more thematic and gripping AR is being used more than ever. AR promotions can benefit the hotel industry immensely. This is a great way to give the customer for redeeming prizes when they post images while they stay. Guests can also have a look at all of the facilities being offered.

Guest Apps

The guest experience is continually being redefined by Guest Apps. The most valuable thing for the hospitality industry remains to provide the best customer services.

AavGo can help in providing the all of the necessary engagements, interactions when it comes to offering easy Booking, Numerous payment options and all of the In-room services that one expects while they stay in the hotel.

There is a significant need for Guest Apps that has been observed in recent times. These apps can work as a direct link between the hotel and the guest. All of the requirements can be made through the Tablets that have the app and even on the smartphones, that can help the client to make Check-in.

Voice-Based Assistance 

Very recently have the technologies including Voice-Based Assistance has been well developed so that they can really interpret the questions by the guests and accordingly reply with an intelligent answer.

These voice assistants are getting smarter day by day and intuitive as well. There is a low chance of completely replacing humans but there are numerous everyday activities like taking food orders can be done through them.

Meanwhile, the staff can engage in other meaningful services to be offered to the client.

Numerous big Hospitality communication software provider like AavGo has already started to incorporate Voice-Based Assistance for the development of a more client-friendly atmosphere. This is eventually going to help the clients for placing accurate orders, and the entire service will get faster, hence generating better revenues and minor errors.


A lot of people might wonder if it’s even real; Robots in the Hospitality Industry?

Well for everyone out there it is already happening, and they are becoming common helpers for us. Hotels from all over the world have gained popularity with their robot staff that accomplished the basic need of guest.

These robots can work as hotel waiters and because of their constant presence, there will be a reduction in the tasks that were otherwise time-consuming.

Then some other hotels are employing robots for delivering room services and carrying the luggage as well. The guest can place their order from there in-room tabs and with help of the robots it can pick the order and deliver to the specific table or room as per the placed order.

Social Media & Public Websites

The relationship between the hoteliers and the guests is changed immensely through Social media and other popular websites. The guests can share their experience, and the information can be easily exchanged with people from around the world.

AavGo also offers a unique Hospitality Management Software platform where the guest can directly give a review from tablets, emails or through text. There can be an improvement observed within a short period of three months on the occupancy because of the improved analysis and rankings. Social media certainly works as a powerful tool and can revolutionize the industry.

This was the detailed information on how Technology Trends can Revolutionize the Hospitality Industry in 2019. The most amazing fact about these technology trends is their capacity of co-existing and being more powerful when they are used in combination with the other.

As we are slowly moving forward in the year 2019, it is clear that the hospitality industry leaders are making use of technology development teams for developing efficient systems. This is going to ensure that the top hotels remain on the top and the players are able to enhance their position upwards.