Increase Revenue of Hotels with the best Concierge Software

How to Increase Revenue of Hotels with the Best Concierge Software

Increasing revenue for a hotel is one of the significant issues that has been asked again and again by all business owners. It is a tough task for any hotel to earn higher revenue with each quarter that passes by. It needs so much of hard work and dedication in management by the hoteliers when it comes to organising the campaigns and promotion with the latest services that they are offering. Already the sales and marketing team has been facing the challenges of coming up with new ideas and the execution as well.

No hotelier has the needed time for fixing all of that issues, and of course, it requires extra assistance and cost.

One of the critical factors in present conditions is that guests are a top priority and the prompt and quality services do matter to the guests so that they can visit you again and again. There is more than 90% of a chance that guests are going to spend more if they believe that they have been receiving services for maximum value. If they are not happy, it is undoubtedly going to hurt the hotel’s reputation.

Make sure that you maintain the highest levels of service standards. The staff must be able to respond to the guest in the friendliest way.

Another great way for enhancing the revenue generation is by making use of good Concierge Software. Without the use of software, management can suffer from providing all kind of service your guests, needs and the facilities to deliver within a short time and less effort. This can be easily fixed through an automated concierge software that analyzes the needs of guest, data and also it helps to get real-time experience and reviews from them.

This is undoubtedly going to help with natural revenue generation, and the customers will enjoy faster and high-end service.

Importance of Good service and review in today’s internet generation

Without a doubt, guest satisfaction is of vital importance to a hotelier. And in today’s world of the internet, you can be sure that any experience is it good or bad is going to impact the business. A kind word of mouth that comes with satisfied clients that have received excellent services is going to increase customer base and profits.

Of course, you need to offer brilliant services at competitive prices but in the web world that we live today guest experience is going to be the critical factor that can help you lead in the ultra-connected reality word of mouth matters. Thousands of people on social media and other reliable web platforms give reviews and recommendation that can have a positive impact.

Here is essential information that reveals why it’s vital to offer your guest

  • Excellent services in the internet generation:
  • More than 90% of clients rely on recommendations by family and friends.
  • Over 65% of people have said positive reviews influence them to use a business and 40%  people have said that a negative review will make them refrain from it.
  • Below 50% of people don’t go with a business with less than a rating of 3 to 3.5 stars.
  • People go through at least four to five reviews before they decide on trusting a business.

AavGo as the best Hotel Management Software

For the hospitality industry, AavGo offers GECP (Guest Engagement and Communication Platform). The primary objective of the developers is to provide excellent technology to the hospitality industry at prices that are affordable.

How using the best Hotel Services can help in Increasing Revenues for your Hotel?

You can get at least an 8% reduction to the front desk calls using AavGo. The exciting news is push notifications can be sent directly to the guests providing them information on the opening of a restaurant or the time happy hour starts.

Here are some key factors that will help you to get improved revenues and can be achieved easily by adjusting your hotel services using AavGo software.

  • Increased reviews:

The concept of revenue generation revolves the fact that a room has to be sold to the right client while keeping the thought of time and price in place and through the correct distribution channels. Therefore good online reviews are going to have a positive impact on generating revenues as it will increase the hotel’s demand for rooms. Also if you are receiving reviews for rooms on excellent services, customers are even ready to pay higher prices.

  • Offer exceptional services for customer satisfaction:

The key factor for enhancing hotel revenues is without a doubt offer great services each to day to all of your guests. For this, the staff has to be well trained in hospitality as it can improve the cohesiveness and also enhance skills amongst the staff members. Also, it is important that you recognize the team members that have helped the guests and are highly motivated for serving the guests.

It is important to appreciate their hard work as it keeps them internally motivated and will be beneficial for your hotel and increase the number of satisfied customers.

When the guest is going to be satisfied with the chances of the service of their extended stay increases and also the next time they visit, your hotel will be their preference. Another benefit of being able to provide good services to the clients that you will have increases sponsorships, better market value, and some service providers will be ready to associate with you and for a more extended period of times.


Certainly, AavGo is one of the best concierge software that you have for delivering the clients with a best and unique experience that builds a strong bond and gains the loyalty of the customers.

The guests get to experience the best services and control over their requirements with in-room tablets hoteliers receive enhanced revenues and improvement in the hotel performance in real time by making use of data influenced decisions. So for better operational visibility and the complete hotel competence, AvGo is an excellent choice for all hoteliers.


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