How Hotel Room Service App can enhance the Guest experience at a hotel

Over the years, the customer expectations have changed so much. Almost all of the guests today carry a smartphone with them or a tablet. There is a noticeable increase in the amount of time that people spend on their devices. This makes sure that people remain connected to go anywhere and anytime.

Like all of the other industries, the hospitality industry can also gain so many opportunities that come with this change. By using Hotel Room service app like AavGo the client experience can be enhanced and this will help the hotels operationally as well as financially.

Here are some of the key points that indicate how Hotel Room service app can enhance the Guest experience at a hotel:

The Mobile Self-service is the latest trend in improving Guest Services:

There is an expectation of superior guest services by every person that visits a hotel. But the hotel room service app is changing the manner in what people today perceive as excellent service. The customers are now able to interact with the hotel and staff services themselves while they are relaxing in their rooms. This lowers the waiting time that they need to spend on the front desk. The mobile apps also provide the guest with a self- service mode, so that they get everything as per there requirements with a click of a button.

The hotel Room Service App can Help the Guests as they are able to:

  • Make reservations for dinner or lunch at hotel restaurants.
  • Make spa appointments.
  • Call for housekeeping services like laundry and dry cleaning
  • Order room service from there in-room tablets.
  • Pay for the services and accommodations from their room itself.
  • Give ratings and reviews on popular websites.

This is also not wholly removing the face to face interaction as a lot of guests still like that. But this provides them with a convenience that most of the people would prefer. This is beneficial for both the guest and the hotel staff when seen from an operational point of view. This reduces any waiting times, improves the service quality, reduces the workload of the staff and this, in return, helps to enhance the customer service quality.

Better Decisions can be made with Customer Data:

Room service apps have the ability to gather all of the information and data in the applications by the user’s in-app behaviour. For the hotel, this is an amazing function as they get an insight into the specific requirements of the guests. Some of the services can also be improved in this manner by the hotel. This also helps the staff to allocate the resources to the customer with the best service & experience.

Guest Services are streamlined:

As more number of guests, these days want control over the guest experience they have, they are always looking for comfort that they can have when they are away from home. Mobile technology is easily integrated into the hotel experience. Every service becomes streamlined and the guest can track all of the expenses on their phone.

AavGo makes the Rooms Smarter:

This is also the latest trend in the hotel industry and staying in bright rooms is a wish that every guest wants these days. With the combination of AI and also voice recognition technology, there is an improvement seen in the guest experience. People are now able to control all of the aspects of the hotel room with the voice control they have.

For example, just with voice commands, the guest will be able to control the room temperature, set alarms for the next day and get complete entertainment on their in-room televisions.

No Miscommunication between the Different Departments and the Guest:

As guests can make any kind of request from their app itself, there is absolutely no probability of any miscommunication. All of the requests or changes that are made by the guests are directly delivered to the concerning department and they can also reply back to the guest in a similar fashion so that the guests are updated with the progress.

This ensures that the guest does not have to make several visitors calls to the front desks and every task is completed on time by the staff.

These are just some of the ways by which the hotel room service app can help in enhancing the guest experience. It provides a huge opportunity to the hoteliers for personalising the client experience as they are able to connect directly with the guest before they arrive, during their stay and also after departure. With integrated cloud hotel management solutions that are provided from AavGo, the hotel has the capacity of keeping track of the guests and their preferences that makes sure that the client needs are satisfied with the delivery of the real-time customized experience.

With such a high level of personalisation available to the customer, the guest gets the feeling of being treated well, and this keeps an overall guest satisfaction high. For hotels, this generates improved customer loyalty. With the use of hotel room service apps, there will be a plethora of services and solutions that sync in a way that superior service experience is provided to the guests.


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