Guide on AavGo In-Room Tablet for Hotel Staff and Guest

The Definitive Guide of AavGo’s In-Room Tablet for Hotel Staff and Guest

The layout of each hotel is different, so there is a lot of variation in the amenities and room controls as well. So there is no doubt about it that the guests from their rooms through the in-room voice tablets put their reviews on Trip Advisor on the immense comfort and convenience of having a device that is familiar and helps in accessing complete information they require while they stay is on their fingertips.

These in-room tablets for hotels decrease the distance and hassle between the services being offered by the staff and the guest’s have an enhanced satisfaction while the hotelier gets improved revenue opportunities. This is one of the best ways by which the hotels can deliver a smooth and seamless guest experience and is done by strengthening functions and various amenities in just one simple and easy to use interface.

Apart from improving the guest experience, these voice tablets assist the operators by providing an exceptional capacity of unlocking direct marketing to the guests and capturing auxiliary revenue and smoothing out the low demand times as well.

How In-Room Tablet can Change the experience of Guest

The answer to this question varies widely. There is a huge range of facilities that hoteliers offer their guests, and this question needs a slight modification as to what is the experience that we want to provide our guests?

Some hotel owners believe that the facilities provided must match the ones the guest receive at home for maximum comfort then there are others that want to do something extra that enhances the experience of guests, and In-Room Tablet is undoubtedly an additional effort that will make your hotel go ahead than your competitors.

Here we have for you some of the major changes that the guests experience with In-Room tablets for hotels:

Better access to Guest 

When guests have tablets in their rooms, they are provided with immediate access to complete services and information about the hotel. It saves so much of your time and energy to walk and ask another person or wait at the main desk; this has a substantial positive impact.

Multilingual Support:

Every hotel welcomes guests from different countries that belong to different ethnicities and also speak different languages. This is one of the major reasons that the guests are unable to communicate their requirements or for better understanding.

With these in-room tablets for hotels, the language barrier is broken as they are offered with real-time language translation with complete ease.

Maintenance and Housekeeping:

Instead of calling for housekeeping from time to time, guests can send a request directly to the people in charge for. The good thing is that these tablets are pre-programmed with space for explanations and clarifications that the guests might require.

Making request becomes so much simpler, and the guest can receive faster services.

Do not Disturb:

The guest will be able to decide if they want a sound notification or not. In case they need privacy or don’t want any disturbance what so ever they can easily switch ON the schedule or a manual DND option just with a tap on the voice tablet.

Advance Features by AavGo

AavGo is one of the best providers of the in-room tablet offering solutions to the hospitality industry. The installation process is very easy and can enhance the guest experience while supporting the improvement of services that the hotel offers.

The powerful software lets the hotel to control and manage the services easily they are providing and has been developed by the experts in the field.

AavGo has been developed to cater to solutions for all hotels regardless of the size. The main objective is to offer the guests with the best services so that the hotel industry has increased profits. In the hospitality Industry, everything needs to be organized all the time for smooth and efficient running.

AavGo offers a digitized platform for carrying out the tasks in real time.

Here we have for you some of the advanced and detailed features of AavGo:

Helps in increasing Revenues:

When the front desk is free from the focus of constantly answering calls from rooms it will offer the hotel with a huge improvement in the revenues. Just a single missed booking per month is the cost for availing services from AavGo.

Multi-hotel Dashboard for constant check:

Even though you own one or many properties, you will be able to keep tabs through a single platform on all of them.

Easy handhelds for employee:

This technology empowers the hotel employees for providing enhanced and excellent guest experience as they stay well informed, engaged and also rewarded.

How is AavGo Beneficial for Staff to make work easier

A lot of work has to be done by the hospitality management, and keeping track of all requirements can get difficult at times. This can happen because of miscommunication, language barriers or delay in reaching the request.

All of these things affect the guests stay at the hotel and we have some of the important features of AavGo that can help the staff and management by making their work so much easier:

An automated request management feature:

Apart from saving the time of guests to wait while they are making a call to the front desk, these tablets are also benefited the present staff by offering work order management through the ticketing system. This creates a swift and smooth workflow and the staff can provide services without any errors and also saving their time as well.

Improved staff to staff communication:

The complete internal communication between the different departments and the staff becomes extremely streamlined with AavGo. Every staff member has full access to information and request in real time.

This removes the possibility of miscommunication or mistake in understanding or any kind of other confusion that otherwise arises.

Digitized Operations make the staff more efficient:

The whole staff is going to work off of tickets. There is no paperwork involved. The staff members of each staff will be able to pan his or her work with higher efficiency. Also the front- the desk is going to have the visibility about everything that has been happening across the property, this will make sure that nothing is overlooked.

Strong reporting and Visibility:

AavGo catalogs everything, this includes the feedback from the guests as well. This gives the guests will a better understanding of improving the problems that had been recurring and how improvements can be made on it. Hotels management is also able to generate efficiency reports for the staff.

How is AavGo’s In-Room Tablet Help Guest to complete daily activities while staying at the hotel?

Apart from some of the best features that in-house tablets can provide the guests, there are some additional features that the guests can make use of while there stay at the hotel:

Easy Wake-up Calls:

The guests can easily set wake-up calls on there in-room tablets, and there is o need now for calling the front desk for it.

Best room service:

One of the main things that the guests look forward to is fast room service and these voice tablets can exactly do that. They will be able to order room service or products from the market, and everything at their fingertips. Also, the guests will be able to peruse the menu, keep things in their order queue and then place the order.

Not only has this the guests will also be able to track the order till the time it is being delivered in their room.


This was the complete guide on in-room voice tablet for hotel staff and guest. It is very clear that this technology can certainly help the hotels with enhanced client loyalty revenues, higher operational efficiency while reducing the expenditure and extremely improved guest experience. To know more about AavGo request a free Demo to experience real-time software or email us at



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