communication with your Guest by using Hotel front desk app

Hotel Front Desk App: How to Improve Communication with your Guest?

For any business, the main way to achieve success is through communication. An impactful communication can bring so much of the positives for you, and the communication that goes in a negative direction will undoubtedly break the deal for you. This strategy also works well for hoteliers and the hospitality industry.

Of course, providing the guests with clean rooms and all of the modern amenities and a staff that is courteous and polite to the guest is important. And the employees should be available to the guests with happy and smiling faces. But the thing about what makes the first impression on the guest went they enter the hotel; it is the front desk area and the receptionist.

After a long journey of travel that the guest reaches the hotel, the first individual they meet is the desk employee and deal with. As they might e tired, it’s important that the check-in process is fast and they don’t feel irritated.

This is where the AavGo Hotel Front Desk app is amazing. It will surely help you to make a good relationship with the guest with a compelling guest communication app.

Here are some other major benefits that you will experience when you are using Front Desk App for providing the guest with the best experience while they stay at the hotel:

Easier Room Allotment & Registration:

Allotment of the rooms while the preferences of varied guests are important and can be easily done through this hotel guest communication platform the apps provide.

The employee has the choice to do it manually or can be done automatically as well. Also when it comes to the registration card, the software can help you in creating and making of a customizable registration card for that specific day’s arrival. This is done quickly hence saves a lot of time of the guest as well as the hotel staffs.

Instant Chat Enabled makes Communication Easier:

The app also has an instant chat Communication feature that helps to answer the basic queries of the guests instantly, and there is no requirement of the involvement of the front desk personnel. There is also an option for a live chat as well that enables the guest to sent text questions to the hotel staff at any time of the day.

Simple Check-in and Checkouts:

Through web-based property management system the process of check-ins with all of the functions like including posting of early check-in, generation of the electronic key card and sending the guests various notifications regarding emails, vouchers, receipts as per the guest requirement can be easily done.

Also one of the features lets the allotment of the room for guests that will be checking out on the same day.

Additionally, the guest will be able to fill the registration details before the arrival as well; this certainly expedites the process of check-ins and therefore enhances the guest service experience.

Now let’s talk about the check-outs, there are information’s regarding late check-out charges, billings and accepting of the payments in multiple currencies that need to be taken care of. With AavGo all of this work is just a piece of work to complete. With the integrated feedback service, there is an automated request send to the guest so that they can post feedback at the time of their checkout.

This will improve the communication between the guest and the hotel and accordingly changes can be made in the services being provided.

Adjustments in Room Moves and Stays:

Our Hotel communications platform allows the work like guest requests, changing of rooms and compensations just by the front office staff and in a few clicks. All of the changes will be posted, and an update will be sent to the inventory transversely to the other channels of the hotel website. This ensures that there is absolutely no potential of opportunity being missed.

Updates are a lot Faster:

Making small errors and mistakes are at times just a part of the business operations. But there is always a way to make corrections and keeping the guests happy. This can include certain instances where a booking was canceled by mistake or restring it to the status that was before, errors in charge transfers, etc. this will just take a few minutes to correct.

Quick and Easy Night Sudit:

The functions & Pary of all the hotels is ended by a daily night audit. The app also includes an audit feature that will allow you to go through each step and automatically showcasing a summary of the entire day’s activity for verification purposes. This function can also be manual or automated as per the requirements and helps in improving services for the guests.

The Housekeeping Module:

Now, this not provides an improved experience for the guest but also offers a helping hand to the housekeeping staff. The status of each room can be known, and an auto-posting remark setup can be made for the housekeeping department. Moreover, the module also keeps the front desk staff aware of the ongoing room status and housekeeping department activities. AavGo is enabled with various featured for Hotel Guest & Staff to make their life easier!


With the help of front desk app, the level of guest satisfaction certainly increases as they feel that they have been well taken care of. This can actually help the hoteliers to make an influence on how the client feels and evaluates the services of their hotel.


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