communication with your Guest by using Hotel front desk app

How to Improve Communication with your Guest by using Hotel Front Desk App

For any business, the main way to achieve success is through communication. An impactful communication can bring so much of the positives for you, and the communication that goes in a negative direction will undoubtedly break the deal for you. This strategy also works well for hoteliers and the hospitality industry.…


AavGo now achieves Oracle Hospitality OPERA the Oracle Validated Integration

Just like so many other industries today, for hotel industry technology plays a significant role for succeeding. It has an impact on every aspect that’s related to the client’s journey from making bookings online, to stay and then to check out.…

Technology Trends that Revolutionize Hospitality Industry in 2019

5 Technology Trends that Revolutionize Hospitality Industry in 2019

The Hospitality has its primary roots connected to the traditional way of working, but as times are changing, there is also a constant break thorough being observed in technological innovations. According to the ever increasing demands of the consumer, the pace has to be kept up.…

Guide on AavGo In-Room Tablet for Hotel Staff and Guest

The Definitive Guide of AavGo’s In-Room Tablet for Hotel Staff and Guest

The layout of each hotel is different, so there is a lot of variation in the amenities and room controls as well. So there is no doubt about it that the guests from their rooms through the in-room voice tablets put their reviews on Trip Advisor on the immense comfort and convenience of having a device that is familiar and helps in accessing complete information they require while they stay is on their fingertips.…

How AavGo become a unique Hotel Management Software for Guest

We offer hotel solutions for hoteliers to deliver a more enhanced hotel experience to guests during their stay. Aavgo can help with improvement in a guest relationship that means more business and relation with Guest. AavGo can assist you to growth in facing guests and all of the back-end processes that take place within the hotel.

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AavGo launches it’s voice powered in room tablets for hotels at HITECH 2018.

Guest engagement, personalization and communication platform leaders AavGo launch their voice-powered in-room tablets for hotels at HITECH 2018 in Houston.

“We are very excited to launch our latest offering at HITECH 2018. HITECH is a leading event that showcases some of the newest and most innovative technology solutions in the hospitality industry.”
said Yogesh Thakkar, CFO AavGo.…