Benefits of Cloud-based Hotel Management Software

Benefits of Having Cloud-based Hotel Management Software

Technology has always been an integral part of the hotel industry. Now with time it continues to proliferate and the use of cloud-based hotel management software system is an integral part of the hotel business, and hoteliers are continually searching for methods to improve the technology further.

With this software, hotel operators can improve the management system of the hotel. The main focus for gaining maximum benefits through a useful cloud-based hotel management software is to select the right one for your specific requirement. It is also critical that you are aware of what exactly the technology is about and how it can be implemented for your business to gain profits.

What is meant by Cloud Hotel Management Software?

A cloud-based hotel management software lets the operators of the hotel and the owner to streamline the tasks that are administrative and enhance the bookings in the long and short term. It is not just required for carrying the everyday tasks smoothly but also plays an important role in improving the guest experience overall. It can make all of the tasks swift and smooth from bookings to the completion of the guest stay including feedbacks once they are going back home.

For enhancing the experience of your hotel brand, it is necessary that the hotel management technology is always up to date. A PMS system that provides complete features that you need and the ones that are required for effective management of the hotel in this world economic atmosphere.

The benefits of Hospitality Operations Management Software for hotels:

When you use the correct software for your hotel, there is an addition of flexibility on the way the hotels work. This is why it is important to quickly have a look to understand the difference it can bring about to your business. There are several features of hospitality management software can serve for hotel operators that handle large chains and also independent hoteliers. Some of the important of which include:

  • Booking Management:

Your cloud-based hotel management software should be able to effectively and efficiently be able to manage hotel bookings. There is no need of you or the hotel team for manually inputting all of the reservations and its management across all of the channels. These software’s can make the booking process automatic and giving the hotel team the freedom to focus more on the back office work and interaction with the guests. Additionally, there is a significant reduction in the rooms overbooking; this has a direct positive impact on guests at your hotel.

  • Direct reservations:

This software technology also allows you for actively making direct reservations on your website. The travellers today prefer making online bookings, them calling the hotel for finalising a reservation or working through a travel agent. Direct reservations also allow maximising the revenues generated with each booking that you make. So make sure that the HMS that you consider also integrates with your online booking engine.

  • Channel administration:

This cloud-based Hotel Concierge Software is able to let you implement the distribution strategy with ease. The creation of a partnership with various agents in the industry is to create for surviving in this competitive atmosphere.

  • Improves your Hotel Website:

The software can improve online presence. The hotel management software is going to be effective only when the guests are able to be aware of your brand. Selection of a program that provides a web editor is going to help you to create a user-friendly, attractive and easy to use website that motivates the guests to book your hotel.

  • Minimizes the Ownership Costs:

When you make a comparison of Hotel Concierge Software with the legacy system ownership, you already have your choice made! A cloud-based hotel system is not going to get you worried on the setting of a dedicated premise server. Allocation of resource, its maintenance, expensive license fees of the software will be something that you won’t have to stress about.

Hospitality Management Software that is Cloud-based will be a better option any day because:

  1. It is an affordable one-time setup, and the subscription charges are minimal.
  2. There has to be absolutely no dedicated infrastructure that has to be maintained or installed for it.
  3. Dedicated resources are not required.
  4. Training the staff is easy and fast.

You can manage the hotel on the go with the anywhere-anytime access :

A hotel system based on hotel management software will let you perform some operational tasks while you are at a distance. This is a luxury that doesn’t come with any other traditional systems. With the help of mobile apps, the work is way more comfortable than before and the hoteliers can stay at the top through their mobile.

So the software allows the performance of the number of operational functions with the convenience of device/location. This includes reservations, check-ins, report generation, checkouts etc.

The critical data of your hotel can be accessed by you easily on your smartphone, regardless of the current place you are in.

AavGo is a powerful app that is convenient, powerful and dynamic in usage. It is bound to amaze you with the smart simplicity it provides.

Operation of the software is easy, fast and smooth:

With the assistance of cloud-based hotel management software, the operation and getting started takes just a few days and this also includes the training. You can actually go live with this software in a time less than 48 hours. Isn’t it hard to believe? But, is certainly true.

Integrates seamlessly with the third party solutions:

In a PMS system, third-party solution integration is super easy. Because of the API’s the application perfectly integrates with other solutions on the cloud.

This can include:

  • Accounting Modules
  • Channel managers.
  • Revenue management system
  • Email marketing tools and
  • Online reputation administration solutions

Operational effectiveness improves:

You will be able to automate many processes through Hospitality management software. This too will save so much of time when compared to be done manually. When you connect with a cloud, there will be accessible to people from the entire world that is searching for your hotel, just like you are for them.

Another interesting thing, all of the work is done and managed in real time automatically.

  • This system reduces the dependency and the inventory is automated and updated.
  • All of the information will be visible to the user in real time so there won’t be any confusion between the departments.

So AavGo will be able to make all of the hotel operations automatic and distribution of inventory and rates can be done across numerous OTA’s. Everything is completed in real time thus improving the operational efficiency.

There will be no concerns in regards to data security ever:
Without a doubt, one of the most vital reasons, as to why one would like to switch to a cloud-based hospitality management software is that it is certainly a safer choice for you. All of the precious data that is saved on the server is not going to pose any kind of threats like loss of information or downtime. There is reliable antivirus software and a backup server that’s reliable.

What are the types of Cloud-based Hotel Management Software’s?

There are some cloud-based hotel management software’s that can be considered.

Property management cloud-based software systems:

These software’s can carry out the daily tasks like acceptance of bookings, keep an account of cancellations and creating a daily record. It is an important tool for effective running of the hotel regardless of the size in today’s hospitality industry.

Channel Manager Systems:

This is a distribution software program that lets the hotel staff be connected with various agents. The agents will be having access to the availability in real time and will also be able to sell the rooms for a small commission.

Booking Engines Online:

This is a technology tool that will let you accept the online bookings directly on the hotel website. This is an absolute vital technology part for a hotel.

Pricing Tool:

These tools will be able to help you with creating an effective revenue management plan. So instead of manually changing the prices and calculation of the revenues to be generated for each of the room, the use of this tool will make the process automatic. It also lessens the stress and enhances revenue at the same time.

Website Creator Software:

So your website can provide the guests that plan to stay in a hotel in your area a window of the complete property. This is why there is a need for a cohesive website that also includes multimedia components with optimized SEO and allowing you to make a personalized experience for the guests.

How to select the right Hotel Management Software:

Selection of the right Hospitality Operation Management tool starts with the identification of the features that you require.

There are many options available that you can choose from, some of the software’s provide two or three benefits from the ones listed above, others offer all of the features that you require. It is highly recommended that you go for a solution that does include all of the solutions so that there is an optimization of the hotel efficiency and you can improve the returns on the investments that you made.

Another critical factor is the affordability of hotel management software. The technology should be able to work for improving your business, not against it. You have to go for the one that provides the right solutions and at a reasonable price accordingly.

Also, for understanding, if the particular software system will be offering the right solution for you, you must give it a try. You can ask for a free demo that will let the hotelier understand if it works for them.

This will help in discovering features that will be easy to use and while streamlining the daily tasks while giving time for focusing on the bigger picture. You will be able to decide on the management of the software was never simpler and easier for the hotel staff as well.

Final Words:

AavGo is one of the best cloud-based Hospitality Management Software that can work for hotels of all sizes. So in case you had been searching for the all in one technology that provides the best solution for you, this is it!

So, this was complete detail on how having a hotel management software system can be beneficial for you so that you are able to serve your guests in a better way. You will also be able to keep a track on all the functions and consider any specific instruction that the guest has. So for providing excellent services to the guest and wanting them to come back again, this is the technology that you need in your hotel.


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