Hotel Operations Optimization through Concierge Software AavGo

Automated Hotel Operations Optimization through Concierge Software AavGo

In the hotel industry, technology has its own vital importance and it is rapidly changing at a high pace. One of the most essential parts of hotel management is good hotel management software’s and anyone looking forward to an improved business should make an investment in the one that suits their requirements.

Here we have a detailed article on how automated operations can help in boosting hotel revenues through the best hotel and staff management software AavGo.

AavGo is one stop Hotel Management Solution:

So this is a software that will allow the entire staff to be able to work in sync with the different hotel departments easily. This includes assigning rooms, housekeeping to cleaning tasks and also being able to track everything in real time from the specific department or else housekeeping console as per the need. One also has the option to open a number of sale outlet that will be completely working in sync with the front desk and will enhance the revenue. Also, the software streamlines the entire daily list of tasks as well.

With AavGo it is also easier for the guests to personalize login with the booking system it has. This empowers the customer to be able to manage the booking on their own, easy payment options and they can also send requests for the stay. This improves their experience making them feel special and promotes guest loyalty thereby increasing the guest loyalty and repeating business for increasing.

Direct Bookings get easy:

The hotel booking engine of AavGo can be integrated with your present website or PMS like Oracle Hospitality OPERA, this enables the clients to directly book from the website of the hotel. It is also well optimized to be used on smartphones, tablet, and computers. You get better commission free bookings made directly and this will help in improving the revenue for each booking made from the software.

The best part is that from time to time your guest’s will be prompted for deposits or guarantees, whenever they are trying for booking confirmations. All of the payments can be made online and if any cancellation charges need to be applied will be captured according to the policies that are defined on the system by hotel owners. Once a booking has been confirmed, automated emails will be sent to the user.

Hotel owners are able to make informed decisions with ease:

AavGo will help you in communication with the different department on getting update, help or reports, for understanding the complete performance and growth of the hotel at different intervals of time. You will be able to evaluate the performance of the hotel until now and accordingly, you can make modifications for the future revenue strategies.

Additionally, these changes can be brought about with the daily operations as well for achieving forecasts while responding in an efficient manner to the market status and conditions. These reports can also be obtained in printable forms. The reports include system reports daily, weekly or monthly as per the needs and the yearly reports have all of the data that you need to study important past performance.

You will be able to analyze all of it and as per the market requirements and season, occupancy makes changes for higher revenues.

Housekeeping processes can be Streamlined:

AavGo as a Hotel management software works completely in sync with the front desk. This improves the overall service efficiency and then reduces the paperwork. The hotel software has an intuitive dashboard that also displays the live room status for the information and organizes everything in a neat and tabular format. The software makes assigning rooms for housekeeping staff based on different floors and block. They can be also sorted as per the status for managing work division.

The managers will be able to assign the daily task with their smartphones for the housekeeping and clear them with the responsibilities for the day. This avoids any kind of confusions and duplication of the work. After the housekeeping staff has completed the work they can also update the information showing if the room is ready to be assigned again.

Front Desk operations get smarter:

AavGo is a great system that will display all of the reservations and room status every minute. And updates can be manually or automatically included as per the requirements. The front office management becomes a breeze with a powerful dashboard design that AavGo provides.

Also, this enables the front desk operators with multitasking the regular everyday activities including booking, check-ins, and check-outs. It allows managing numerous bookings without making any errors and this saves so much time of the employees and they can focus on other tasks on the priority list at the time.


So, now you are able to understand how the automated operations with AavGo will help you to save so much of the time and increase revenues. It will boost the number of hotel bookings and the guest experience as they will have better services then they had expected. To begin the Aavgo experience, Sign up to get started and get a real-time demo with our export support team!


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