How AavGo become a unique Hotel Management Software for Guest

We offer hotel solutions for hoteliers to deliver a more enhanced hotel experience to guests during their stay. Aavgo can help with improvement in a guest relationship that means more business and relation with Guest. AavGo can assist you to growth in facing guests and all of the back-end processes that take place within the hotel.

We offer certain and concerned services to the clients, and we also showcase a forward thought process with improving steadily. The guests have been enjoying the convenience and control on things by making use of tabs and phones in their rooms, you as a hotelier will be able to improve the performance of the business by making use of the real-time according to the data provided.

What is AavGo?

AavGo is a SaaS ( Software as a service) provider as it made for offering management solutions to hospitality operations that allows the hoteliers an unusual manner of delivering the guest with an improved experience. This increases the loyalty and engagement and builds a bond with the guests. Along with enhances client Guest and Hotel Staff communication as well. It results in an improved hotel experience that begins with the front desk towards every hotel room, for all amenities that hotel offers and a lot more.

Are you a Guest or part of Hotel Management?

We are here to assist you, organizing the guests in your hotel, queries related to hotel management and all of the information that you need is right here. You just have relaxed as AavGo offers amazing GECP (Guest Engagement and Communication Platform) for the hospitality field.

Our main aim is bringing up the latest and best technology to the hotel management services at affordable price. By making use of our services, your work system will improve, and you will be able to lower the operational costs.

The in-room tablets that we provide also used as a broadcasting system, and you can make significant announcements and send messages in a few seconds to all employees. Additionally, it also has a feature that will help your guests with an easier check-out as well. You also get the option to receive an online invoice or an email.

Our team is our Greatest Strength

You can also get acquainted with our team that is committed entirely to delivering a fantastic product and service that helps hotels to reach their real potential. The liveliness and the passion of the staff are features of AavGo and are the main force that promises the best services to resorts, hotels and almost all accommodation providers for solving their hotel sales while offering cost-effective solutions and services. We believe that you will be benefited with our product and will love the experience!

Best Features of using AavGo:

Here we have for you the top features of AavGo that fulfill all need of Hotel Management for Guest:

In-Room Tablet

One of the most fun and unique services that AavGo has is 1.    In-Room Tablet, The guests will be able to enjoy is their much control over the room that stays in. They will be able to change the thermostat or the channels on television and even control the lights with a touch. This will make their stay a lot happier and relaxed as well. These tablets are easy to install and maintain as well and will be a delight for the guests.

A hotel can get In-Room Tablet from AavGo as it supports all excellent feature for guest to make their stay more comfortable.

Guest To Staff Communication

As a Hotel, you can now provide your guests the access to an entire range of services that will be interactive. It will be done directly through the in-room voice-enabled tablets. All the guests will be able to use the control of their voice, or by touch for making any request, getting information that they need and even control the room they are staying in.

AavGo’s messaging platform that has been integrated assists the staff in the effective management of guest communication. The guest experiences increase two folds with the state of the art solutions that we provide.

Every room can be equipped with a tablet that helps the guests to get in touch with the different departments of the hotel.

This increases the level of services and the creation of personalized experience for every guest which is the top priority of all hoteliers. Our innovative technology is going to help you tremendously with achieving your business targets and will keep you ahead of the game with this innovative technology.

TripAdvisor Integration

The tablets already are integrated with a TripAdvisor, this encourages the guest to find the best place to eat, stay, and the best place to visit nearby you along with posting a review with just a few clicks and an excellent rating will surely help you in your business.

Room Service

Room service is the main thing that people enjoy the most while on vacation. But a lot of times it has its hassles that might lead to frustrations. It might lead to making pointless trips to the front desk, staff misunderstanding the request and these are the situations that we can help you avoid altogether.

With our AavGo Hospitality management solution, all of these issues will come to an end. We make all of the efforts for creating an efficient communication system for the hotel overall.

By using the suitability of tablet, the communication line is always open and the service intended gets better. This happens as the guests, and the staff can be in touch with great ease as they can communicate directly to the concerned department.


Guests are easily able to browse through the videos, can play games or watch movies over Netflix. They get all of the entertainment in the palm of their hand on the tablet itself. When guests check-out all of the data is wiped out automatically, so there is no worry about security.


AavGo surely gives a superior ability for creation of trend reports and the management is also able to observe the items that are requested mostly and can even report a problem around the hotel. This will undoubtedly help in enhanced operational visibility and the overall competence of the hotel.


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