How AavGo Reshaped Stay Cal Hotels Guest Experience

About Stay Cal Hotels:

Stay Cal Hotels is a company that develops new hotel locations. They also operate and manage a chain of properties around the San Francisco Bay Area.

As an organization, the Stay Cal team manages 9 hotels with around 337 guest rooms. In its 75 years of experience, they sold more than 85,000 rooms.

In addition, the group handles several brands like the:

  • Best Western
  • Days Inn
  • Holiday Inn
  • Howard Johnson
  • Marriot
  • Others

The Challenge:

The Stay Cal Hotels management group is guided by its mission statement – to enhance hotel guest experience and maximize productivity at the same time. For this reason, the team is continuously seeking ways that can provide these requirements. Management also needs an efficient means that can handle its various brands.

The Solution:

AavGo has the hardware and software combo package that fits all of Stay Cal Hotels’ requirements. The software provider offers a unique solution for both hotel guests and management.   

For the guests:

  • Guests enjoy fast and convenient room service via the in-room tablet. The device also allows them to explore all the options that the hotel has to offer.
  • The guests can use the smartphone app as a convenient means to control their experience during their stay.
  • The app also gives guests easier means of transactions such as express checkout and downloadable receipts.
  • In addition, the in-room tablet provides details about exclusive discounts and available amenities at the hotel.

For Hotel Management:

  • Management/hotel staff has direct communication with its guests from the moment they check-in until check-out using the AavGo app.
  • Management can notify guests of every important hotel event or promotions through the in-room tablet.
  • Hotel staff can use the device to communicate with another in real-time.
  • Management gets better insight regarding the hotel’s day to day operations through the data provided by the software.
  • Management can tailor-fit services provided to each guest through the in-room tablet. As a result, the hotel can expect additional revenues with every availed additional service.

The features and benefits provided by AavGo delighted Stay Cal Hotels CEO Hiten Suraj. He said, “AavGo, (as) an interactive technology tool… has reshaped Stay Cal Hotels total guest experience as well as promote operational efficiencies.”

The technology solution worked so well that 6 Stay Cal hotels are currently using AavGo.


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