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AavGo launches it’s voice powered in room tablets for hotels at HITECH 2018.

Guest engagement, personalization and communication platform leaders AavGo launch their voice-powered in-room tablets for hotels at HITECH 2018 in Houston.

“We are very excited to launch our latest offering at HITECH 2018. HITECH is a leading event that showcases some of the newest and most innovative technology solutions in the hospitality industry.”
said Yogesh Thakkar, CFO AavGo.

AavGo tablets are now integrated with the Google Artificial Intelligence platform to make communication between guests and hotels more convenient and efficient.

“Voice adds another dimension to our product offering allowing guests to make housekeeping requests, raise maintenance issues, set up wake-up calls, checkout and much more by using their voice as an input“ confirmed Mahendra Patel, CTO AavGo

AavGo plans to focus on voice-related data analysis by capturing and analyzing the tone or pitch of users, to determine sentiment. Use the frequently asked questions by each user to make their next stay more personalized by offering products and services that they normally look for.

While there are voice powered AI devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home their application are limited to a specific industry. AavGo allows both touch based or voice powered solution specifically for the hospitality industry through the same device.

About AavGo: A San Jose California headquartered guest engagement, personalization and communication platform for the hospitality industry. It gives hoteliers a unique way to deliver an enhanced guest experience that deepens engagement and loyalty.

Learn more about AavGo by visiting www.AavGo.com

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