AavGo now achieves Oracle Hospitality OPERA the Oracle Validated Integration

Just like so many other industries today, for hotel industry technology plays a significant role for succeeding. It has an impact on every aspect that’s related to the client’s journey from making bookings online, to stay and then to check out. Advanced technology makes sure that not only the guest’s experience is enriched but also the staff and the hotel management work in a streamlined manner. The business operations work better this way, and there is enhanced data visibility.

For maintaining higher standards of brand, services, and consistency, there is information security as well.

What is Oracle hospitality solution?

The demands of guests keep changing around the world, and it’s important that new and innovative technologies are developed for providing unforgettable guest experience. Oracle’s integrated technology and the cloud platform can deliver the guests with a personalized service experience that makes sure that your hotel wins customer loyalty.

Oracle Validated Integration

Through Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), Oracle Validated Integration is easily available to the client and assures them that integration of complementary partner software product with the Oracle “on-premises” Application has been properly validated and the products can work smoothly together as they have been designed. This can be of immense help to the client as they will be able to improve the implementation cycles, reduces the risks and offers a smoother upgrade that is simpler to maintain. Oracle Validated Integration rigorously applies the technical procedure for reviewing the partner integration that complete the program successfully and are authorized for using “Oracle Validated Integration” logo.

The importance of AavGo and the achieved Oracle Validated Integration with Oracle hospitality OPERA

As mentioned above, for achieving the Oracle Validated Integration there are a certain strict set of requirements that depend on the priorities and wants of the customer. But recently Astics Inc had announced that they had attained Oracle Validated Integration of AavGo version 5.1 with Oracle Hospitality OPERA 5.5.

This will help the hotel industry business to the next level as for starters the language barrier will be broken for both the staff and guest. Secondly, this will also provide a comprehensive backend hotel operations platform.

AavGo certainly works as an essential tool for the Oracle Hospitality OPERA customers now. Again for improved guest experience, the hotels that had been using the Oracle Hospitality OPERA will be now able to add AavGo in-room tablets with the additional AavGo’s back end solutions. This will allow the tablets to sync in with the Oracle Hospitality OPERA easily. All of the orders that will be placed using these tablets will be directly diverted to the apt staff member.

AavGo is the product of Astics Inc and is one of the leading a multi-solution hotel-ops platform that assists the staff and guest. The backend solutions of AavGo also makes the solutions for the hospitality industry that is all-inclusive and user-friendly. Now with AavGo and OPERA coming together indeed the hotels that include the system will be able to observe increased revenues, better staff efficiency and a decrease in the overall costs.

PR Source:  AavGo Achieves Oracle Validated Integration with Oracle Hospitality OPERA


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