Increase Revenue of Hotels with the best Concierge Software

How to Increase Revenue of Hotels with the Best Concierge Software

Increasing revenue for a hotel is one of the significant issues that has been asked again and again by all business owners. It is a tough task

How AavGo become a unique Hotel Management Software for Guest

We offer hotel solutions for hoteliers to deliver a more enhanced hotel experience to guests during their stay. Aavgo can help with improvement in a guest relationship

AavGo launches it’s voice powered in room tablets for hotels at HITECH 2018.

June 17, 2018 Houston/San Jose –Guest engagement, personalization and communication platform leaders AavGo launch their voice powered in room tablets for hotels at HITECH 2018 in Houston.

How AavGo Reshaped Stay Cal Hotels Guest Experience

About Stay Cal Hotels: Stay Cal Hotels is a company that develops new hotel locations. They also operate and manage a chain of properties around the San

How AavGo Improved Communications at Zenique Hotels

  About the Hotel: Zenique Hotels is an established hotel management and development company based out of Burlingame, CA. The company has received numerous awards from prestigious

How Concept Hotels Fell in Love with the AavGo Software

Concept Hotels is the latest brand that has fallen in love with the AavGo software. The software is well known for providing communication solutions to hotel staff