AavGo`s TeroTAM solution enables companies to management assets and equipment’s at branch/outlets along with internal staff communication using an easy to use platform powered by mobile applications.

Basic Tips

Get ready to Launch

Understand that “launch” (implementation of a new software) should not be a one-day affair. Include post-launch processes in all of your technology planning. Line up a team or a team member that will be in it for the long haul, not just initial deployment. Simply by thinking ahead you will already be on the road to success.

Set up goals

Have goals in place that tie into your overall business strategy. Staff need a reason to adopt a technology in the first place and it will be easier to get them on-board if they understand how the new software will not only improve their work but is also moving the entire organization forward. Set goals for every stage of the deployment, implementation and adoption process and let staff know how the changes will impact their day-to-day as well as the overall bottom-line.

Additional Tips


You need to have a schedule and process in place for sending follow-up communications, reminders, training messages, and announcements about any future updates. Think of it as internal marketing – you need to sell your staff on the new technology without bugging them. There is always a risk of employees tuning you out so make sure communications get to the point and are delivered in the most effective way possible (most likely a mix of emails, documentation, video, and live webinars that will also live in a “permanent” spot where they can be accessed by everyone at any time).

Get and stay engaged

Stay on top of system updates/changes. Ensuring each system update, functionality change or new development is clearly communicated to all team members urgently to reduce confusion.

Advanced Tips

Create a support system

Make sure you are offering support. If/when they do run into issues, your staff should know who to contact and their concerns should be addressed in a timely manner.

Measure usage

Set up a system for tracking adoption. Ideally this would have factored into your initial technology decision-making process (you wouldn’t want to adopt a new technology that wouldn’t allow you to track and analyze usage to begin with).

Professional Tips

Get feedback and find champions

“Reinforce ‘what great looks like’ by having successful early adopters share their best practices. Share and celebrate team and organization-wide wins. This will help others stay focused and motivated.” Conduct short surveys or informal focus groups to learn what’s working (and what’s not) with the new technology – adapt accordingly. Also discuss what is not working with your new technology company they may be able to make adjustments to assist with the adoption and/or be able to train on areas to make it more comfortable for each team member.

Lead by example

It’ll be tough to get buy-in from staff if top managers and leaders aren’t practicing what they preach. Have department heads showcase their use of the new technology in team meetings and demonstrate how and why it might have contributed to any recent team Wins.