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About Our Software

AavGo is a provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based hospitality operations management solutions. It gives hoteliers a unique way to deliver an enhanced guest experience that deepens engagement and loyalty to take back the guest relationship. While your guests enjoy convenience and control over their experiences using their smartphones and in-room tablets, you can improve your business performance in real time using data-driven decisions.

Powerful Features

Regain control of your hotel and streamline performance with our powerful suite of features.

Guest to Staff Communication

The integrated messaging platform helps staff manage guest communications.

In-Room Tablet

Give your guests access to our full range of interactive services directly from our in-room tablets.

TripAdvisor Integration

TripAdvisor Integration- Encourage guests to leave TripAdvisor reviews with just a few clicks.

Express Check-out

Free up the front desk to focus on more value-added tasks.

Wake-up Call

Guests can set wake-up calls in real time without having to call the front desk.


Provide guests with instant access to hotel information and services without having to wait, walk or bother someone.

Room Service

Give guests the ability to order room service or items from the market right at their fingertips.

Staff to Staff Communication

Streamline internal communication between departments, staff, management, and ownership.

Reports & Analytics

Get access to actionable analytics about behavioral, operational, and financial insights.

Multilingual Support

Topple language barriers with real time language translation.

Maintenance Tickets

Ditch the logbooks, sticky notes, paper memo, and digitize your maintenance operations.

Housekeeping Assignments

Distribute rooms to your housekeeping staff and track their performance while the front desk stays up to date on their progress.

Multi-hotel Dashboard

Whether you operate one or multiple properties, keep tabs on them all from a single platform.

Employee handhelds

Empower your employees to provide and elevated guest experience while staying informed, engaged, and rewarded.

App Benefits

AavGo offers both guest-facing and operational benefits that can be leveraged by a hotel
to improve the guest experience, increase guest satisfaction, create new revenue channels and streamline operations.

The AavGo application provides your hotel with communication tools to engage directly with the customers from the moment they check-in to their room untill after they check-out.

AavGo lets you send important event notifications to all of your guests with one touch and helps your employees engage with eachother in real time, enhancing your customer's experience.

AavGo helps you get better insight into day-to-day service requests at your hotel, and helps with making decisions with data driven metrics. Customer-facing Aavgo tablets will help you increase revenue from additional services that can be tailored to your guest's needs.

The AavGo Guest application puts services offered by your hotel at your guest's fingertips.It's a fast and convenient way of requesting services. The in-room tablets allow your guests to explore more of what your hotel has to offer.

With AavGo Guest app, your guest will enjoy convenience and control over their experiences using their smartphone while you improve your business performance in real time.

AavGo offers your guests exclusive discounts for a variety of amenities provided by your property. They'll also enjoy the convenience of express checkout and downloadable receipts from their stay.

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