AavGo is SAAS based platform that unifies your staff and guests to handle any request effortlessly - whether it's Room Service, Maintenance or any other request. In short terms...we're a hotel staff's best friend! Aavgo is a tool that help staff to give best of themselves so they can be more efficient with their daily internal tasks and flawless in their guest service.

AavGo isn't just for hotels. AavGo works for 3-5 star independent and managed hotels, but is also designed for vacation rental companies, luxury residences, and concierge companies looking to provide exceptional service through mobile staff technology and guest communication channels.

Yes, all departments such as Housekeeping, Maintenance, Front Desk, Room Service, F&B, are able to be involved in the operations side of the hotel business while using the AavGo platform to receive, track and manage their internal work as well as all guest requests.

Yes, Our Preventive Maintenance product enables you to perform scheduled and routine maintenance to ensure both your rooms and equipment are in perfect condition. Our PM product will let you get ahead of guest complaints and prevent serious cost disbursement from failing equipment.

Not at all. Guests have a choice to use the AavGo devices provided. However, guests can choose to download the app and then get real-time status updates on every request they make during stay or after check out.

YES, guests don't need app to send text message and can instead send a text to your hotel. Hotel staff receive this text through our app, and can respond directly to the guest as well as dispatch any requests that come from their conversation directly to the right staff.

AavGo works on Android version 5.0 or higher and Apple iOS version 9 or higher. Unfortunately, without testing we can not guarantee capability by device. Please contact us for further details.

Yes, You can make a request by visiting Request a demo page and we have our representatives all across the United States. Our team would be more than happy to find a convenient time and place to meet.

To get started, contact us to setup a demo or pilot. We can answer any questions you have, send over a service agreement and start onboarding.

You can download the app from Google Play or the App Store.

To check cost call us at +1 (888) 93-AAVGO

We will walk you through how to use our simple property configuration dashboard. Once this is complete, we ship the devices to your property and you can plug them into a standard wall outlet.

AavGo will visit your property for on-site training and walk you through the setup process.

We are able to adapt logos, photos, menus, reservation settings, departments and user rights of your employees. In addition, we have created an application that can be found in the AppStore and Google Play. If there is any feature that the app doesn't possess but you need it, we can develop it for you, too.

Working with the administration is easy and intuitive. This ensures that your staff will master it quickly. We also provide short video tutorials and manual, so your staff can reference back to it when needed. You can also use it to train new employees. In addition, we are willing to train your staff in person.

They can go ahead and see the training videos available in our system. We also provide short video tutorials and manual so that it will be easy for guest to navigate. We recommend to have a small notice at the front desk to inform guests of the application as well.

After downloading the Aavgo app into the employee phones/devices, the systemes that are integrated will display within the aavgo platform seamlessesly. This is the same process with the web portal for other staff members to work from.

Simply staff can open the aavgo.com website on their desktop and also download the staff app to their phone directly. Hotel can also purchase staff devices that would be compatible with the staff applications.

We simultaneously work on improvements in user experience. Besides that, our clients contribute to the application development with their ideas. So, if you find anything that would ease the hotel operations, feel free to let us know!

For contacting our support team, visit our website there we provide support email address, contact number also support live chat option through which hotelier can chat with us when they need help.

For contacting sales team, visit our website and request for a demo. Enter your personal details such as full name, email address, phone number, hotel name. After entering your information your request for demo will be submitted to our sales team whom will reach out for your avaialble days and times. Our sales team can also be emailed directly at sales@aavgo.com or call us at +1 (888) 93-AAVGO

We provide three type of payment options to our customers – through Credit card, Invoicing or Paypal. Paymens can be made after completion of the sign up process.

Our provided services are as follow -
  • Frontdesk for receptionist
  • Housekeeping – through which housekeeping staff can manage tasks and orders which are placed from room tablets or mobile app by Guest.
  • Maintenance – through which maintenance staff can check and resolve all issues raised by guest.
  • Room service – Hotel staff can check and manage all service request raised by guest.
To know more about Product and services of aavgo, go through our Product page.

Click on sign up it will ask for the hotel information. Under hotel information fill in all required information - Hotel Information - Hotel Name, Street Address, Zip Code, City and State, Number of Rooms. Management Information – First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone number (this should be a generic General Manager or hotel owner email as this can NOT be changed in our system in the future).
Choose the best plan that fits the hotel operations needs
  • Software only - In which it will provide only the Aavgo software. This platform is ideal for hotels needing only their staff interactions and not as much for guest interactions.
  • Software with tablet – In which it will provide the Aavgo software for staff and the guest interaction software with hardware implemented in the guest rooms.

You are able to login with the registered username/email address and password .

In case if you forget the password just enter your email address and click on forget passsword and it wil send you and email on your email address once you receive the email just open that and it will take you to reset the password and enter new password there once you do that after that your password will get changed.

Yes you can cahnge your password from profile there you will get option of change password by clicking on it you will receive new tab from which you will be able to generate new password.

We can download staff app from Google play store.

Yes staff member can activate/ deactivate DND from staff app.

Staff member can activate DND from Maintenace or housekeeping open tasks/issues.

No, staff member can't reset/refresh the room from staff app.

Yes, staff member can do check out on behalf of customer.

Yes, Staff member can add room reservation from application.

From Guest Management>Room status staff memeber can add guest name details in vacant room. after that by clicking on check in he is able to add reservation from app.

Yes, Staff member can log in with same details in two different system But it will make some data loss due to that it is not preffered.

Yes, staff member can create a room clean task for customer.

Yes. only staff member like manager and front desk can create broadcast.

Yes, Staff member can check room status from guest management or guests.

Yes, Staff members are able to log in with any devices.

On the first screen of tablet on top right hand corner you will be able to see wifi image there and just click on that then you will be able to see all avaibale wifi connections from hich you can select hotel wifi network after that your tablet will get connected wifi hotel wifi.

On the main tablet screen it will ask you to enter hotel id and password there you just need to enter tablet email id and password which is avaiable in WEB>ADMIN>HOTEL ROOM/AREA and from there you will get tablet id and password.

On the main tablet screen you will get option of wakeup call just click on that and set your time accordingly.

On the main screen you will get an option of Do Not Disturn just click on that to turn it on.It will give you 2 options 1st Manual and 2nd is Schedule by selecting one of them you will able to turn it on.

Customer can simply generate request to front desk and get wifi password from there directly.

Yes they can simply go ahead and log in with their id and password in netflix and can use it.

Yes they can get that from near by module avaialble in tablet.

Yes customer can give rating to hotel through tablet

Yes, If Hotel is running any discount on food or any item and they have generated any broadcast then customer can get notification for that.

Yes, customer can see all available amenities and their timing through tablet.

Yes, If external restaurent already registered with hotel and menu is already updated in system then customer are able to order food from external restaurent.

Yes, Customer want to clean room then he can raise room cleaning request through tablet

Yes, Customer want to repair something room then he can raise room maintenance request through tablet

Yes Customer can watch youtube through tablet from entertainment module

Yes Customer can do shopping from shopping app which is available in shopping module in tablet.

Yes, Customer can do express check out from tablet.

Click on the given link https://admin.aavgo.com/ and with the help of aavgo registered username and password you are able to login into admin.

On the right corner of aavgo admin you are able to see icon by clicking on that you are able to see "Change Paasword" option. where you can submit current password and new password to change password.

By editing same user name in staff list of each hotel you are able to use your user name in multiple hotel.

To add external restaurent, you need to click on Room service Mgmt> External Restaurents>Send Invitation another page will open. Where you need to fill each details for external restaurent including contact person name and email address. By clicking on submit, mail will be generated to mentioned email address. By accepting and updating new username and password external restaurent will be added in hotel.

In Room service Mgmt> Menu Management. You will be able to see all hotel restaurent department and menu. Also you are able see icons at right corner in each department to add new category, item, item varient and tax. Also by clicking on pencil icon in each item you are able change details in each items.

In staff management you are able to see "Add New Employee" and "Generate Bulk Staff" icons. By clicking on "Add New Employee" and submitting staff member details. Link will be generated to staff member email id. Once staff member click on link and update new password he will be added in hotel staff member list. To remove any staff member you just need to click on red Garbage Can icon available at right side of employee name in Actions row.

In Hotel Management > Channel Lineup. In the right corner of Channel Line page you are able to see icons to add new channel category and new channel.

In Hotel Management > Services you are able to see and change your current plan.

From Hotel Management > Amenities> Add Amenity. you are able to add new amenities.

Yes, you are able to add new reservation prior 6 to 7 month.

Yes, you are able to assign single housekeeping request to multiple user.

In Frontdesk>Housekeeping>Settings. We can add/remove housekeeping items and their price.

In Frontdesk>support. We can chat with the team or report issue if something is not working.

In Directory, hotel can add information or contact detail document for guest reference.

After completion of Maintenance request you will receive option to open Maintenance request if require. By selecting this option we are able to open Maintenance request.

After completion of Maintenance request you will receive option to open housekeeping request if require. By selecting this option we are able to open housekeeping request.

No, Only Managers, Frontdesk and head of departments are able to login in admin through web.

Yes, Staff member can activate DND for customer.

Yes, We got option in system through which we can send auto message at the time of booking, checkin and checkout.

Yes, In Frontdesk>Tablet Status we are able to check room tablets are connected or not.

We are able to add list of arrivals in csv, xls, xlsx, odt and pdf formats.